I might give out, but I won’t give up

-+*Blair Taylor, Starbucks chief community officer, reflects on meeting Blue H., a man experiencing homelessness who came to the United Way Community Resource Exchange on April 23 at CenturyLink Field. The Exchange brings together scores of resources and services all in one place, on one day, to help people who are homeless regroup. Hundreds of volunteers powered the day, with the biggest group from Starbucks, the title sponsor.

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Changing views on homelessness

-+*Volunteer Program Coordinator for Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, Will Ross, is tasked with helping improve access to housing, education, and employment for homeless and at-risk youth and young adults. Read on for impressions from his first day on the job.. Walking to work my first morning on Capitol Hill to…

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Why the need for data collecting for people experiencing homelessness

-+*Imagine this…you’re homeless for the first time and you go to a local agency seeking help. You’re embarrassed, you’re scared, and you have no idea what to expect. The agency staff are calming and empathetic. And then they start asking you questions…lots of questions. About your situation, about your family, and about things that at that moment don’t feel all that important.

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